Thursday, October 25, 2007

Traditional Anglican Communion Petitions Rome for Union

Finally unification is taking place among the protestant and catholic churches. I first heard about this from the website TAC has sent a petition for full union with the church on October 16th. I am amazed at the progress of unification! I remember Pope Benedict XVI was saying that his pontificate will focus on the unity of christians. It seems that this may come true in part for him and us. I Started to research and it seems to be true and in the making. The Vatican is supposed to give a response to them.

If this does happen, I am concerned about the effect it will have in our churches and among our priests. Our church is already in a crisis with not having enough priest and secondly, the catholic UNfaithful are becoming less catholic Christian and are abandoning the church. What impact will it have in the lives of both our members? A whole church would now need instruction in catholicism in know what we know, and come to trust what we believe.

I feel sorry for the war torn Anglican Church with all is chaos and confusion among everybody. researching answers for this TAC union, i was reading about the conflict and they all don't know what they stand for anymore. They have lost their identity through their compromising and they need some serious guidance to save that church. I am happy that the Anglican Church, at least the more catholic ones, are making the wise and righteous decisions for their own relief from this distress which they face, and are not accepting the diminishing future which that faith holds. Happy will they be who are converting to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church which alone can say christ established. Read the articles yourselves - free republic, Virtual Online (the voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism)

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