Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Beginning of Sorrows - Mercy gives way to Divine Justice

"I am the light of the world. Anyone who follows me will not walk in darkness" says the Lord Jesus.

God speaks to us even in our time. We who follow Jesus know his voice. If you're a practicing catholic, you should know this as a fact for there are many examples of saints and their prophecies, historical events, which prove this fact as truth. Valentina-Papagna is one of these persons whom god chose to be the eyes of the church. She is a CHURCH APPROVED visionary from Australia and she has posted online, the latest messages she has received from heaven. She is 100% Credible and Catholic, and I have been reading, listening, living, and scrutinizing her messages and the requests she have received from Heaven since 2003. Trust me when I say she is for real. There are few things i would put my life on, and this woman's credibility is one of them.

Some of the messages she received has already come to past for example the 2004 Tsunami. This message, the latest was quite disturbing for me, so i post it in order to spread the message, to make people aware of god's will for us in our present time, and for people to be prepared; to repent, to convert their hearts and to rejoice for Jesus is coming soon. The beginning of sorrows has begun. Wicked mankind will now suffer and do penance for abandoning the ways of god and his church for his own good. God's kingdom is coming on earth as it is in heaven. The restoration of the world is nearer than we think. Jesus is closer than we think.

Please read and visit her website to test for yourself her credibility through her messages and be convinced of Jesus's presence in the world because of her.

Valentina's website:

24th September 2008

Today, I had a vision of Mary Most Holy. In Her holy hands She held some messages and She was looking at them.

She said, "My daughter, I came to tell you not good news. The graces from heaven were given to change and convert and to come back to God for many years".

"From early times, La Salette, Lourdes, Fatima and many other places, the world refused to accept them, but now the graces have been drawn back to Heaven and they will not come back. "She said sadly.

She added, "How proud and stubborn this humankind are in their hearts, not to change for better, they prefer to live in sin and their own comfort. Now the prophecies will start to unfold which were held back for this reason of conversion".

I said, "I am very sorry to hear this sad news." It was a shock for me to hear this. We both cried together.

The Blessed and Beautiful mother said, "I know you all suffer and struggle, but have faith in Me and My Son, Jesus. We will never abandon you. Pray the Rosary and Litany of Loreto every day. That pleases Jesus and Me very much."

I then said, "Are these messages You hold in Your Holy Hands just for me?" She smiled and said, "No, they are for everybody." I said, "I love you, Mother, pray for us all."

28th September 2008

The Angel came to me when I prayed. He said, "Come with me, I will show you what will happen soon."

The vision was so real. I saw a row of high rise buildings, very near a beach. The water was coming up, close to the buildings and gradually rising and touching the units. The Angel explained to me, this city and others everywhere have strong protection like fortresses, built like a fence from God to protect them, now the gates have been lifted up and the seawater will rise and hit directly these places very soon. In these places people sin and offend God too much."

I said, "is there any way to warn the people to do something before it is too late?"

The Angel said, "You can tell people to pray, but not many will listen".

The vision was very scary. I could see the water rise in these parts like dark streams. The people were inside eating and drinking and talking, unaware of what was happening.

"This place seemed familiar to me, " I said to the Angel, "but I have never been there. Maybe I saw it on television". The Angel smiled and said "Let it be God’s will, not yours. You can’t stop it".

12th October 2008

St. Margaret Mary Church

Priest was discussing the recession, when Jesus appeared to me and said, "Yes, My child, soon the world will fall on its knees. The many troubles that are upon you all will reduce humanity to humility and will loose their pride and search for God".

"People will have to go through much endurance and will learn to become more spiritual for the world is too materialistic to understand God’s love".

17th October 2008

at night, I was saying my thanksgiving prayer when our Lord Jesus came and said. "Peace be with you, My child. I know you all are concerned for the economic collapse. Little by little they are falling into recession and big financial disaster. I can only tell you, you will go through very hard times ahead. It will not get better soon, but will only get worse. The world is affected by greedy and wealthy men. They make believe there is no money, but this is all planned by evil men".

"My children, it is not only the third world that will suffer hunger but also wealthy nations. It will spread everywhere. I feel sad for My people but this was foretold long ago. Humanity didn’t accept My prophecy which I spoke through My little simple children. People ridicule them and speak falsely about them.

BE not afraid, Speak My Word. Woe to those who condemn. I shall judge severely those who ignore My Holy Word."

"Valentina, with all these troubles which are upon you all, you have Me. When you are with Me, you have nothing to worry".