Wednesday, November 03, 2010

God & The Universe

Ever wondered what was God's purpose for creating such a Gigantic Universe in Microscopic detail?

Well I have wondered about that.

(disclaimer: thought not based on the teachings of faith and Science, but only on the evidence of such works as experienced throughout the human history within those spheres)

Since everything god creates has a purpose, and he is a god of life not death, What if god willed, in the beginning, that man rule over all of creation (as he said in Genesis) and was supposed to dwell not only on Earth but throughout the Universe. But when man sinned and he cursed all of creation and man, he made it no longer possible/accessible that man inhabit any plant because he made it uninhabitable.

So when all of creation becomes new again as promised after Christ Jesus' second coming, (1) would Universal Planets be made habitable and accessible to mankind? (2) would God place man on these "New Earths" to conquer and subdue it.

Because, I mean to say, When mankind experiences the resurrection (Second Birth/Genesis) and our bodies become rejoined to our souls and spiritualized like Adam and Eve in the state of Original Innocence again or like Jesus at the Transfiguration; equipped with the Spiritual-Human abilities as some Saints had experienced during their lifetime (teleportation, bi-location etc.), then, is it possible that God, in his first plan before sin entered the world, had this as his first intention, hence the reason for such a Gigantic and Abundant Universe?

If not, then for what use would he create SO MUCH GALAXIES etc.? What's the whole point of it? Is this all just plain Vanity? I refuse to believe that since EVERYTHING CREATED is well crafted and pieced together to the atom!

I recall an incident between Jesus and St. Faustina which surprised me when I first read it 7 years ago. He appeared to her one day and told her that he would create a whole world, more beautiful than this one just for her if she wanted him to, just because he loved her.

I thought about that. You think about it.

I think this is worth thinking about since I've never hear any saint, far less a scientist, discuss life after the Resurrection and Judgement for Humanity.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Green Search Engine

Using StumbleUpon, I discovered a search engine that invest in saving rainforest with revenue earned from searches! I have decided to switch, and I encourage you to do the same. Ecosia Search Engine

Sunday, September 12, 2010


It's hard living in fear of the future. That's what I've been doing for the past 3 years with increasing intensity. Most times I feel as if I'm at the point where life says "ha! I've beaten you." And this coming for a guy that's 23. Sigh. The bright side of this is the fact that there's probably 1 billion people I'm better off than, and, i should stop complaining and do something worthwhile with my life. Poverty is not an option when there's so much opportunities for self growth and advancement. The main disappointment and obstacle I'd say would be our poor choices and indisciplined behaviour. I mean, it's really the small things that matter, like saying thank you, getting up early, remembering a birthday, a genuine smile. And though I and many people know that consciously, well fail at even that. Such a simple thing to do that seems undo-able.

The key I think is to be motivated, disciplined and prayerful. And that at times that is a task in itself. But, we can't avoid working out our own salvation/happiness, whatever you call it without doing some strenuous work either in the interior or exterior man.