Friday, July 27, 2007

God Tube video i liked

Bible vs. Mammon very nice. Go

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Opposing Forces

How do you keep your Sanity when you what to do something wrong? How when you've reached the egde of right into wrong, health into sickness, you safeguard yourself from something you know will hurt your spirit and chip away at your determination and desire for holiness? Why is that what is not good for us in the long run, appeals to us the most. Why does sin have to feel SOOO good?

The book of Wisdom in the bible tells me that perverse thoughts separate people from god. The saints tell us that lust brings down the soul quicker than the other six deadly sins. And the Virgin Mary at Fatima Portugal tells us that most people go to hell for sins of the flesh than any other sin. Is it this knowledge, trusting in faith and hope and love, that makes me what to resist my temptations also?

What a strain it is for me to keep holding on to these two opposing forces in me. It is beginning to rip me apart to the reaches of madness in my mind. I am afraid of giving myself over to one of these extremes entirely for the fear of not having an opportunity to escape. I have never given myself over entirely to anyone or anything in my life because of Trust, yet, these two forces want me to give myself over to their promptings. To God's way of peace and righteousness, caring for each other in love, or Evil's way of destruction and selfishness. Caring only for self and living without morality and faith like wild animals.

I have chosen informally the way I want to take. But, saying no to self is very very hard. I can't yet give myself over to him who loves me most. BECAUSE of fear. In time, love will prevail. I hope in it. If a man lives, but lives without love, he is dead. I am not dead. His divine love in me will conquer my weaknesses and have me for himself.

May His Holy Spirit Live Forever In The Hearts Of Men.

It is he who makes us keep our sanity when we feel insane. He works so quietly!?

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Changing Perspective

God is Calling. I can recognize him calling me from the actions which is happening to me in my soul. I am growing up so things need to change in my life. I just completed my Aspirancy programme and i still have not made any decision about anything firmly save my determination to be faithful to the littlest things. I am going to adopt a contemplative lifestyle to allow god to do his work but what my priest whats of me I think involves Centering Prayer. And unknown to him, that is something I am against because it is anti-christian though it seems to be christian. So what i am going to do is learn more about this centering prayer and its origins before I confront him and say I am not going to do that method of prayer.

One must learn to forget oneself in order to have oneself. I know this only in my head but I don't live it. So what i am going to do is learn to live it. I am going to come out of the spotlight of everybody else, and myself, scrutinizing me and I am going to let God work in silence like how he does it with the plants; it grows in silence, unknown and unseen. Going to do away with anxiety and fear, what I can and cannot do, and allow the god mend me. Going to stop leading myself because I obviously do not know the way to happiness.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Calling

I was thinking, "What will capture the heart of a woman?" and immediately I said "Poetry!"

What is there that's better than poetry, to express in words the love for another person? I mean, so much can be said with so little. The symbols of language is really something. Then I said to myself, "What is better than that to express love of god?" I have heard of the high recommendations of people who have studied the insights of Saint John of the Cross on God's Love for the soul, and all his works in the soul in his book, 'The Ascent to Mount Carmel' and 'The Dark Night of the Soul' where he uses poetry to explain this love.

Isn't there a whole book in the bible where god speaks to us in poetry? And in it his beloved is a woman? Oh my, my heart just pulsates when I think of the figurative meaning of words when one speak though poetry! Whoever has that talent is truly blessed. He can shape basic language into exquisite sculptures. So great a marvel is poetry that when sung, it is further glorified and reaches the soul. Though it is sufficient enough to reach that place alone.

Well I have a piece of poetry that I would share that was truly inspired by my love for god, and god's love for me.

The Calling

In stillness, I sit among wonders of creation,

On a bank so moist with tropical grasses

Savoring the one who is closest to me.

I look to the sky and wonder at thy beauty,

Contemplating twas the same hand that shaped me.

I close my eyes and look within, my soul's beloved I want to pin
I am restless with love in the darkness I see.
Why doest thou love do this to me?

This silence of words so sweet it be

A shadow of substance, overpowering me.
I open my eyes only veiled thing I see,

What must it be, to be totally free!

I am the beloved of my beloved

Then I hear a whisper of yearning

"It is you I want, be with me"

I am now dead to the earth and sky

My answer takes alot from me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Interest, The Devil's Intrested.

Just a little something I found on the Net. Really funny, yet not funny in reality

My Discussion

My day started off badly as a result of an argument I had yesterday. For yet another time I got into an argument concerning religion. The topics, Hell and the Saints. What got me so upset? - I fumbled when answering the questions. I could explain myself. First discussion was about the Saints. I believe in the Saints. That is unquestionable. But to explain that to a Protestant, who believes in the Bible Alone philosophy and not both Scripture and Teachings from the Holy Spirit (Tradition), is difficult. To top that off I don't know my scripture word for word, verse for verse.

Her defense was the usual with protestants - Go to god and god alone, When people are dead you can't pray to/ask them for help even if they are in heaven, Because Jesus in the only mediator you go to him etc.

They don't understand that nothing separates us from the love of God, not even death. That we are one family of god and when you love, you show love by doing good for others. Their prayer is more effective than our own because of their intermacy. They no longer need to believe because they see face to face the glory of god. Now when I am sick, I call a doctor. It is god who sends the doctor as he sends angels to do his works. Can I not ask the doctor for help? Should I humiliate him by saying you cannot help me though god sent you?

God works through others. No less so when in Heaven. Their prayer is more effective and more powerful than our own because their relationship!

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Love or Lust?

Take this test at Tickle

When you see your honey, it's Puppy Love

Is It Love or Lust? Brought to you by Tickle

I took this test and My result was "Puppy Love". I was kind of concerned about my relationship with a good good friend of mine, but we were not in any relationship outside that of friendship, but we're very close. So I was kind of concerned that though I love this person, I may really be trying to lie to myself and say it was love alone and not lust. I wanted to know which side was leaning heavier in me. And what the results were true. This is what it read -

Don't look now, but you just might be in love. It's hard to tell for sure — you've got an awful lot of lustful thoughts whirling around in your brain — but we think hearts and poems are part of the agenda, too. Sure, you're pretty much ready to jump your honey any time of day or night, but you wouldn't bother sticking around if you didn't think there was some kind of potential there.

You want it all — passion, excitement, tenderness, and a best friend to boot. We applaud you. There's nothing better than the perfect mix of lust and love. The former jumpstarts a relationship and helps keep it fresh and fun, and the latter means there's something left after the "right here, right now" phase passes. So get your kicks while you can, but hold on for the long run!

In life you can make your own decisions or let other people make those decisions for you. Being Above The Influence is about staying true to yourself, and not letting people pressure you into being less than you. So be yourself. Or be something less. It's your call.