Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Birthday Miracle - Heaven answers prayers!

I fulfilled 21 years of age on February 18th. To celebrate such a significant age for me, I took four days to honour it, which began on the 16th to the 19th. On those four days, something special happened.

First of all, I witnessed a miracle. For the whole day and afternoon of Saturday 16th, it was raining and the whole sky was covered with grey clouds. That was the day of my second birthday party after 16 years. I grew concerned because I didn't have tents to hold the 50-60 persons that would arrive in 1 1/2 hours time (8pm). I began to pray. I took out my rosary and reminded Virgin Mary of her promise to those who pray her rosary, and I trusted her to answer my petitions favorably . The promise was this - "You shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the rosary." I also prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Those two prayers I trusted god to respond to, because of some past, distressing experiences in my life where these prayers proved itself useful. I prayed to see my stars and heaven responded.

Those threatening clouds which showed no sign of removing itself, slowly dissipated. First I saw one star, it was my sign of hope. Then when I went to the back of my apartment, I saw the moon. I rejoiced greatly. For the whole time of the party from 8pm till 2am not a drop of rain. It was my special miracle. I even counted 20 stars. Maybe I missed one. lol. Our Lady held up the rain! Now I know I can trust Our Lady for anything; especially now that in my life, a blanket of fear, caused by a wrestle with love, has rested on me. Growing in faith is a challenge!

The second special thing was, that god was answering my prayer for change. That has been my prayer since the beginning of Christmas. For this lent, and my birthday, I think he is seeing my efforts and is pleased so is acting in response. Again he is using Virgin Mary to wean me into true faith, hope and love. On the 27th I will be doing a 33 day consecration preparation to the Immaculate Heart. I am eagerly awaiting it because for it to come in such opportune timing, it must be from god.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Lent

Happy Lent to everybody, I hope that it will indeed be a grace filled one. Already I am feeling the presures of maintaining a life of pray and discipline. I pray that to have the fruit of the fifth sorrowful mystery of the rosary - Final perseverance (i.e. to lent's end). Detaching myself from the comforts of material things, human affections particularly, and not complaining but submitting to humility is hard. Countering my pride is a struggle but praise be to god for grace and my desire of conforming my will to his will.