Thursday, January 31, 2008

The State of the World

I am becoming very conscious of the state of the world these days. Since the beginning of advent, my spirit was troubled and I didn't know why. I recognized it as a type of fear, and since it was manifesting itself through my body by a spontaneous jerk, I wanted to discover the root of it. Early this January I identified it to a fear for my survival. It was of course significant for me. I began to react to this fear by pursuing a healthy physical and spiritual lifestyle. I went to the gym, I began to weigh my needs and wants, my spending power, my emotional and intellectual states, and what is important to me that's not necessarily tangible . I started to pursue a life of discipline in a small degree.

Then I came to another realization. The frank possibility of a world crisis about to begin this year. Judging mainly by the political tension in the middle east, the new age movement and the coming age of Aquarius, the economic crisis in America, Global warming and climate change, depletion of natural resources especially crude oil, the mid-completion of a one world government and ethical system, and especially Catholic Christian church approved prophecy. I think we are on the brink of a world war crisis. This is probably why my spirit has been bothered because my family and I are not prepared for a crisis be it shortage of food, water etc.

Very soon I will be calling a family meeting and also I have plans to speak with my church leaders so that the church may be prepared. It these are indeed sign from god, I believe that I should act upon it though I may be considered a fool or a hysteric. I think we better be safe and prepared than not. I share this with you so that you too may stock up on food and essentials for life than waste money on comforts.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Imitation Of Christ - On Compunction of Heart

The Imitation Of Christ

Book 1: Admissions For A Spiritual Life

Chapter 21
On Compunction Of Heart

If You want to make progress, keep your soul in the fear of God and never wish to be completely free. Discipline your senses and never indulge in hilarity.
Have sorrow for your sins and you will find interior peace. Repentance opens the way to many blessings, which dissipation soon destroys. It is a wonder that any of us can be wholly contented in this life when we think of our exile from God and of the daily dangers our soul faces. But because of frivolity and the negligence of our defects we are unaware of the misery of our own soul. Often we laugh when we ought to weep, for there is no perfect freedom nor real joy except in the fear of God and in a good conscience.

Those are truly happy who have the grace to rid themselves of temptation to distractions and turn to God by sincere contrition. Those, too, are happy who avoid the things that only give them a troubled conscience. Fight hard against your sins; bad habits are overcome by good habits. Do not make excuses that others hinder you; for if you let them alone, they will let you alone to do what you must.k Do not mind other people's business and do not become involved in the affairs of great persons. keep an eye on your own self and reprove yourself rather than your friends. Do not be upset if you are not in the favour of the worldly-minded; but rather be sorry that your behaviour is not that of a devout servant of God.

It is far better for a person to lack consolations in this life, particularly those of the flesh. If we receive little or no spiritual consolations it is our own fault (though sometimes the lack of them is a test of our faith); for we do not have true compunction of heart, nor do we refrain altogether from seeking consolations from without.

Realize that you are unworthy of supernatural consolations, but instead deserve tribulation. The comforts of the world are distasteful to those who have perfect contrition for their sins. Good people always find enough reason to have sorrow and to weep; for whether they look at themselves or think about their neighbour, they realize that no one lives in the world free from affliction; and the more thoroughly they look into thier own hearts, the deeper will be their sorrow. But the cause for real grief and contrition is the remembrance of our sins, in which we are so enmeshed that we can hardly think about spiritual matters.

If you would think more often about death than of a long life, you would be more eager to amend your life. If you thought seriously about the pains of hell or purgatory, you would gladly endure pain and labour, and no hardship would seem too much for you. But since these things do not penetrate the heart and wee still love the false pleasures of this world, we tend to be cold and indifferent.

It is the weakness of the spirit that often makes our wretched bodies complain for the slightest reason. Therefore, humbly pray to God, that in His merciful goodness He will give you the spirit of penance, and in hte words of the Prophet say to Him: Feed me, O Lord, "with the bread of tears" and give me "tears to drink beyoud measure" (Ps 80:6).

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sanctus II - Libera

I found a lovely, deeply spiritually resounding hymn to our Lord sang my Libera. I was watching a youtube video with pictures of the incorrupt bodies of the saints, and this song, Sanctus II by the boy group Libera, I fell in love with, I decided to put it as my blog's song. Hope you all enjoy.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Blessing Of Friendship

The Lord bestowed a blessing on me yesterday. The blessing of rekindling a long lost friendship. A friend whom I haven't seen in nine years popped up in a friend request on facebook. Since the last day I saw him in primary school, I was always grieved at his departing from Trinidad, knowing that I may never see him, hear him and socialize with him again in all my life. The only knowledge he left with us was that he was going to live in Canada. As a child, that hit hard. He was one of those I had liked to play with plenty.

Leaving all my childhood friends was hard enough, but knowing that you may never be able to see somebody again was ever more harder for me to accept. Yesterday, god in his infinite mercy showed a QUITE unexpected blessing which I can't thank him enough for. All I could have said was OH MY GOD! I did that for quite some time in disbelief and total shock and awe. I thank god with ALL my heart. Truly there is a god when these sort of things happen.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Christ's Victory Over Hell

Some time ago, I found this great site for people who wanted to venture and divulge deeper into The mystery of Christ's victory over Satan on the Cross, and speaks about the Seven Last Words of our Lord. It is from the book that I am reading which I so frequently speak about because of its in dept knowledge of the mysteries of God and the hidden lives of Jesus and Mary - The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda Spain

For all those who love The Crucified Christ and His Sorrowful Mother, and Honour his holy wounds and her inexpressible sorrows, I share with you this wonderful book and these passages for your encouragement of Faith, Hope and Love.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mary's Year - 2008

"Jesus said to me (Valentina Papagna) while I was reciting the chaplet of Divine Mercy. "Fear not, My children for what you hear or read or see which causes confusion. Have hope only in Me. I want to tell you that the next year is a very special year. It will be dedicated to My beloved and Holy Mother, and many graces will be given to the world. Pray, My children, for all this to happen. This is how you ask; -

' Dearest and loving Father, may we pray to You through Your loving Son Jesus and His Holy Mother for all Her children, that many graces will come through Her intercession. We ask You and thank You through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen' "

This was the message given to the world on 28th November 2007 by my favorite living visionary, Valentina Papagna of Sydney Australia. Pray many rosaries this year was the request so as to defeat evil works. Here is the visionary's website. I encourage all to listen to the words of our lord in our day and heed his call for love and service through prayer and good works for the world.