Thursday, April 20, 2006

Simplicity and Truth

What really matters in life is really those things that are simple and whose contribution would be seen as insignificant. Everyday people say they are waiting for something big to happen and usually that normally doesn't happen. The further irony is that when it does happen they are not totally happy. I think that inorder for people to be happy, they must start taking the advice of elders. Those elders who are respectable and righteous in the eyes of god and society when they say being rich doesn't mean being happy, or having much doesn't mean happiness. A past living example of this would be the life of Mother Theresa and St. Therese of Lisieux. Have you ever read their autobiographies? Awesome!

I have come to learn that the teachings of the past are most needed in today's self-centered worldly society; where relativism abounds and is constantly leading persons into the darkness. Hiding truth from falsehood. Imagine that today's global culture even rejects the existence of god? I personally cannot see how agnostics and all other persons in that category can reconcile their opinion of truth from what IS true. It seems that these days people are always trying to change the truth, twist it up, and reinvent it. For what purpose? Namely to justify a wrong by denying faith a voice, and using logic and reasoning soley to come to absurd conclusions. And for pride and recognization

An example of this would be is there a soul? Logically and reasonably in the eyes of faith (and sometimes without faith) there is such a thing. But in the eyes of logical alone, seeing that there is no material proof of its existence, people say there is no such a thing.

So now what are we to believe? Deny our own experiences (which is not material proof) of the soul and believe by reason alone? Or instead take into mind our own experiences and religious truths (faith) in assesting what is truth from what is false. Then here we come to another problem. Would secular society accept that there is a god? Of course not so that society would always leave out religious truths in detemining truth, just not to cause any kind of confusion among worldly friends.

I have come to test (through experiences) the authenicity of religious truths about god, man and other thinks like morals, and have also come to the conclusion that they are always right and they should be followed and listened to; but today's society teaches that to be obedient is to be a slave and to be conditioned to believe. But I say that a bad thing? Being a slave to wisdom and being conditioned to good things practices? To me those are the thins that brings joy to mind, body and soul. So in other words, its worth it.

Truth is this, to know god and Jesus Christ the one whom he has sent. This takes into account the testimony of faith and reasoning. One complements the other.

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