Saturday, August 19, 2006

Missionary Experience

for this month of august i have not been keepin an updated blog because i am venturing on my first missionary experience in my life. i must confess that i am having a good time seeking out people in the name of our lord. I also learnt alot about myself and some very cool people who i know loves god above all else. The main thing that i must say that strikes me the most is that it is important not to judge people when on mission. I also learn how much each person is valued in the eyes of god. right now i swear i feel like an apostle or a true missionary. there has been so many experiences that have occured that i will remember for the rest of my life.

one such case is with a boy who i coaxed into coming into church named Hjaim(pronounced Hakim). this such case i will remember because of the divine providence at work. everything just fitted in to play, it was like i was meant to meet him and speak with him. what makes him so special is that it so happened that he never went to church in his whole life! he knows about god BUT! when i came up to his house, i came really looking for his friend Terri. well i must say that ortorie is an area that is known for its drugs and lack of god in the residents' lives. I visited terri's how to call him to come to church. it was then that i met Hjaim and Maria. and i brought them back to church.

to hear his story is truely said and i have a deep sympathy for him because he has never been loved, is rejected and there is a deep deep longing for fulfillment. he has been in experiences in his past that is not nice to the god fearing man and i realize now why god what him to come to know him and love him in church.

well in order to get him to come i told him that all he has to say is just one hour. one of our session was a session called original pain therapy dealing with the inner child in you and the pains which we carry, dealing with its origins and stuff. he was very hesitant but he came none the less though we at first sat outside, and ten minutes after we sat inside the little room behind the church in the back.

now imagine a person so totally void of love that they couldnt even imagine good thoughts or playing for the sake of having good fun. so much emptyness and longingness. he couldnt even see a doll symbol as the child in you as himself. My heart was filled with compassion and love for this boy only 16. eventually in the same night we got him to enter into the church through a 2hr long counselling. My divine providence again, the we the church was celebrating the feast of the Assumption, and during the night we were having the 20 decade rosary said with the image of Maria Rosa Mystica. From that night on till this present day he is in church. what really keeps him there really is the presence of the young missionaries (all of them), and expecially the presence of the males enjoying themselves in the lord's presence and doing his work.

so here ends my missionary experience so far. I dont have access to the internet so i dont know when again i will be online to update my blog. Salus Credentium. God Bless you.

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