Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Holy Family Message To Visionary

Hello everyone. Today i was checking the website of my favourite visionary and i decided that i wanted to post a message that i think people should read. I strongly believe that she is credible and she definitely doesn't preach heresy. Her link is in my links section. Here is the message.

22nd May, 2006

This morning, during prayers, I had a vision of the Holy Family of Nazareth.
The Blessed Mother with Baby Jesus in Her arms and St. Joseph. Jesus was clothed in a blue nightgown.

Holy Mary placed Jesus in my arms and said, “We come to you as a Holy Family because you honour us every day so beautifully in your prayers.” The little Infant Jesus was so happy, smiling. I kept hugging Him and He put His little arm around my neck. I had such a joyful and happy feeling.

Blessed Mother then spoke, “We come to you to tell you that people are sinking deeper and deeper into an abyss of sin. No one seems to care much to change. This offends us very much. The way the world leads into terrible destruction.”

As She was speaking St Joseph stood near Her, looking very sad and serious.
Holy Mary said, “I try My best. I was sent into the world to tell people to repent and convert and come back to God, but so little I have achieved. No one seems to take notice of this or to understand that I want good for My children to come closer to My Son. After all it is for their own good and salvation to be saved.”

St Joseph spoke to me, “How many centuries and years have passed by since my chaste and pure spouse was sent to all parts of the world to tell people to convert. She taught them to pray, to convert and to find their way back to God. She led them to church to listen to the word of God, but so little She achieved. People don't want to listen and to change. They like to have a good and comfortable life. Where would that lead you but to self-destruction and a big chastisement which is above you all. “

Most Holy Family of Nazareth, help us to be with you always.
Never lose faith and hope.

So let us honour the holy family and pray to them often for help in our necessaties. They are there to help us to live holy lives and to serve and love god more perfectly. we all have a share in the love and labour of god; therefore they can dispense grace too!

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