Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mary's Plan

Yesterday, I wanted to publish this which I read because it had me thinking about god's love and our mother's love for us, caring for us. I believe that it was divine will that I publish it today being the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. In my ignorance, I forgot yesterday, that today was this feast day until late evening. I even didn't go to holy Mass as I was supposed to this morning. This IS a disappointment to me. I plan to go adoration later this evening to celebrate and pray the 20 decades of the rosary in her honour. Anyway, I was reading from the book - "To The Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons" This is what I would like to share.

With Me Beneath The Cross
April 8, 1977

Good Friday

"Today, beloved sons, I am bringing you with me to Calvary; with me beneath the Cross of my Son, where I became your Mother.

Here I want to teach you to love.

There is no greater love than to give one's life for those whom one loves. Look at my Son Jesus who is dying on the Cross for you. He is dying because He is giving his life. He is giving his life out of love.
My mother's heart feels him dying and it is pierced by all his horrible agony.
My mother's love unites with his in loving you; my sons, learn from us always to love thus!

Here I want to teach you to suffer.

My son Jesus has become nothing other than the Man of Sorrows. He no longer bears resemblance to a man; He is crushed under the weight of suffering, cruelly beaten outraged, humiliated. He suffers without complaint; as gentle as a little lamb He is nailed to the Cross.
Behold the path along which I am calling you today: that of Calvary which you must tread with docility and meekness.
Do not seek to escape this trial; do not beg for human consolation. You will always find the heart of your Mother who will help you to say yes to the will of the Father.

Here I want to teach you to be silent.

The word of my Son is silent in these final moments. Now He speaks with his life. This is the supreme witness to the will of God.
Thus the last word of his life comes forth: a word of pardon for all and of complete abandonment to the Father.
Learn today especially to be silent. Create a silence within yourself in order to hear only his divine word.
Create silence about yourself. Do ont reply to the criticisms and the calumnies of him who does not accept you.
Give no answer to the sneers and the offenses of him who persecutes you. Judge no one.
In the momenst that await you, you will be called upon more and more to keep silent. YOu will speak by your life. And for you too, from this life of yours on the cross, will come forth the word of love for all men and of complete abandonment ot the will of the Father."


Because she used the title Man of Sorrows to refer to Jesus, I am making it to refer to Jesus as such. We call Mary the Mother of Sorrows, so I thought I would be nice to call Jesus thus.

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