Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Created In Secret - The North American Union, RFID chip

I just found out some very worrisome information on youtube. It is about the North American Union which apparently exist but is not publicized and secondly, is created to achieve a global objective set by corrupt men in power. Watch the video as it is very important for every citizen of the world to demand answers, and to be on guard for the lies of politicians. These are the real enemies of state, not religion nor the Catholic Church, but secularism, materialism, atheistic ideologies and the degradation of values through relativism, advocating of capital sins - Greed, Avarice, Pride, Selfishness, Soth, Lust and Anger.

What I do not find amazing is the remarkable similarity of structure this government, with the church's existing government. Historically the church has been wrongfully condemned and injured for this type of authority which in virtue is good when in the hands of god fearing men of faith and reason. These evil minded men really opposed this structure because they couldn't get a share in this power. They in reality were envious of this power like Cain's hatred for his brother Abel, so they persecute the church and condemn the pope!

The North American Union, RFID VChip Secret.

It is amazing how much this existing reality is painted for us in the movies "Star Wars" and "The Lord of the Rings"

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