Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Theology of the Body

This is just a simple account of how god works in everyday life and meets you where you are. I share it with you that you too may recognize his silent workings in your own life.

I can recognize the silent and opportune workings of god. Though I don't know what or why he is doing what he is doing, I feel secure to trust him. One such work of god was, on seeing my incumbent dispair over my particular sin lust, arranged that on Sunday gone, I and my Aspirant brothers attended a little talk about the vocation of marriage. It is fitting that when discerning the call to the priesthood we also discern his calling to the married life. But this was not the reason god had inspired me and arranged that I be there. His real reason was because he wanted me to receive confession after falling again into mortal sin.

My conscience was bothering me because if I went to holy mass, I wouldn't be able to receive communion. God wanted to fix that. He even provided for me a confessor that I admire, who is an exorcist and a well regarded Spiritan Father (Order of the Holy Ghost Fathers), Father Neil Rodriguez. I submitted to the spirit of love and mercy by continuing to journey in that spirit. Because lust dehumanizes a person (me) I gave serious thought to something I really wanted to study to help me understand my manhood and humanity, but have only since been brushing the surface - 'Theology of the Body'. Pope John Paul's counter - revolutionizing work on human sexuality. To facilitate this, I bought a beginners book by renowned author of the subject, Christopher West. Now I am in awe of the beautiful person I am. Made in God's image and likeness.

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