Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May - the month of Mary, Five First Saturdays Devotion

For all who don't know, May is the month of Mary, meaning that in gratitude for the role the Virgin Mary played in the salvation of mankind, we dedicate this month to honour her. there are many devouting to her asking for help from her as like a son asking a mother for help, making reparation for the offences against her immaculate heart and thanksgiving to her for above mentioned....

I am quite happy that i remembered this yesterday, and today i decided that i would do the first five saturdays devoution to her. Since Mid-April I have been burdened by school work. honestly speaking, I would rather have exams than projects.....thats because its like I never leave school. This has been going on for quite some time. But as my blog name suggest there is always Salus Credentium (Salvation of Believers). I am hoping that because of this month of May, stress will be minimal with this school work.....thank god this is my last semester...and what a happy end it would be.

If you are Catholic Christain like me or Eastern Orthodox Christian, don't be surprised if you get into alot of arguments over Mary our Mother this month....after all, the devil is a busy man.....and to honour mary is to call down the justice of god towards the devil and evil doers. As genesis says...."I will put ememity between your seed and her seed, She shall crush your head, and you shall bruise her heel!" - genesis 3:15 ..... I know some bible say He and it as well, but as Saint Jerome clarifies this in the early christian centries. the MORE correct interpretation is She and not He. See (best sites in order) here, here or here

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