Monday, May 29, 2006

warnings from god.

In wake of recent events such as the various earthquakes in the pacific region, i again plead for people to take seriously these warning from the not yet approved catholic visionary in Sydney Australia. she is awaiting the bishop's letter, i dont know if she got is already but i dont want to wait until. i find her genuine as far as my faith and knowledge of god and the church goes, and that she is genuine to believe. her messages from god has helped me personally to grow in the faith and love of god, the church with the communion of saints. her messages have also paralleled other messages from various approved apparations and those yet to be approved and under scrutiny.

Even if youre not catholic and decided to drop by, take a look and at least say a prayer for yourself and someone you love even if you dont believe in god, religion or anything at all. please dont just say yea right sucker or narrow minded kid to believe in god! if you do pray, and call god by no name other than Father, then you wont have anything to lose. just do it for heaven's sake! and help yourself and those in need. may God Bless you. Salus Credentium!

By the way, this blog is also my blog. I just use Salus Credentium more frequently. and the link to the visionary's website is in the links column.

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