Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Miracle on the Job

Oh what a day! Its been a while since i blogged but today made me want to write.

I challenged the authority of my boss' position on a matter that could cost me my job. And boy was I scared at first. I entreated the lord and he answered in my favour but I still have to face the lurking wrath of the wounded beast. Here's the story -

Job and Church clashed for the first time. And it was ugly. My weekends are committed to Christ and personal development and my normal working hours are Monday - Friday. This Saturday coming, the 2nd June, I needed to be at The office because of exams since my boss was out of the country for ten days. I didn't think that it would have been a problem to compromise the first half of this weekend's agenda with my job's agenda and I was informed yesterday that I was wrong. I had to make the choice between my commitment to my job or the commitment to the Aspirancy programme. If i chose one over the other, the threat was that the other would suffer. I would lose my job or not complete the programme.

upon telling my boss this morning since i only knew that it was a problem yesterday, she issued the treat of serious disciplinary action as stated. This made me cry agonizingly. It all boiled down to the question where do your priorities lie and choose such? And to call my boss in barbados and inform her of my weighty decision.

I locked the office door for ten minutes and prayed the Chaplet of Tears with my own added tears before I looked to engage my next move - to overrule my boss by going directly to the Executive director. To make a long story short, I was successful in my plea. upon hearing of this my boss became even more upset and promises to discipline me when she returns, but I am not worried. God worked it all out in my favour thus far and the word was final. I can't lose my job over an incident which could be avoided easily.

The lesson - Put your trust in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, Our god of Providence and His plans for you will come through. Nothing is impossible with god! Hope also on the power of intersession from the Mary Most Holy and God will hastily answer.

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