Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mary's Year - 2008

"Jesus said to me (Valentina Papagna) while I was reciting the chaplet of Divine Mercy. "Fear not, My children for what you hear or read or see which causes confusion. Have hope only in Me. I want to tell you that the next year is a very special year. It will be dedicated to My beloved and Holy Mother, and many graces will be given to the world. Pray, My children, for all this to happen. This is how you ask; -

' Dearest and loving Father, may we pray to You through Your loving Son Jesus and His Holy Mother for all Her children, that many graces will come through Her intercession. We ask You and thank You through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen' "

This was the message given to the world on 28th November 2007 by my favorite living visionary, Valentina Papagna of Sydney Australia. Pray many rosaries this year was the request so as to defeat evil works. Here is the visionary's website. I encourage all to listen to the words of our lord in our day and heed his call for love and service through prayer and good works for the world.

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