Friday, January 11, 2008

Blessing Of Friendship

The Lord bestowed a blessing on me yesterday. The blessing of rekindling a long lost friendship. A friend whom I haven't seen in nine years popped up in a friend request on facebook. Since the last day I saw him in primary school, I was always grieved at his departing from Trinidad, knowing that I may never see him, hear him and socialize with him again in all my life. The only knowledge he left with us was that he was going to live in Canada. As a child, that hit hard. He was one of those I had liked to play with plenty.

Leaving all my childhood friends was hard enough, but knowing that you may never be able to see somebody again was ever more harder for me to accept. Yesterday, god in his infinite mercy showed a QUITE unexpected blessing which I can't thank him enough for. All I could have said was OH MY GOD! I did that for quite some time in disbelief and total shock and awe. I thank god with ALL my heart. Truly there is a god when these sort of things happen.

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Athanasius contra mundum said...

I have moved a lot in my short life and its always a great blessing to find old friends.