Thursday, January 31, 2008

The State of the World

I am becoming very conscious of the state of the world these days. Since the beginning of advent, my spirit was troubled and I didn't know why. I recognized it as a type of fear, and since it was manifesting itself through my body by a spontaneous jerk, I wanted to discover the root of it. Early this January I identified it to a fear for my survival. It was of course significant for me. I began to react to this fear by pursuing a healthy physical and spiritual lifestyle. I went to the gym, I began to weigh my needs and wants, my spending power, my emotional and intellectual states, and what is important to me that's not necessarily tangible . I started to pursue a life of discipline in a small degree.

Then I came to another realization. The frank possibility of a world crisis about to begin this year. Judging mainly by the political tension in the middle east, the new age movement and the coming age of Aquarius, the economic crisis in America, Global warming and climate change, depletion of natural resources especially crude oil, the mid-completion of a one world government and ethical system, and especially Catholic Christian church approved prophecy. I think we are on the brink of a world war crisis. This is probably why my spirit has been bothered because my family and I are not prepared for a crisis be it shortage of food, water etc.

Very soon I will be calling a family meeting and also I have plans to speak with my church leaders so that the church may be prepared. It these are indeed sign from god, I believe that I should act upon it though I may be considered a fool or a hysteric. I think we better be safe and prepared than not. I share this with you so that you too may stock up on food and essentials for life than waste money on comforts.

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