Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Disturbance

Something has happened

I don't know what, but I can only anticipate. There is a sense that all which is unfolding in my life now is a metamorphosis for a new experience. Mapping myself through experience gained from being under the divine providence of god, his influence, and my walking with god in the past, I can tell that something is coming, changing, which can only be for the better. It is he behind all the signs which engage me to take notice. To be ready. To prepare. To decide.

It is as if the spirit of god is saying - "AWAKE from your slumber! ARISE from your sleep. Come now and venture forth! Taste and see that I am good!"

This disturbance, these signs, these developments, they all leave me in silence to mull over.
Something is happening . . . . . I can sense it.

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