Friday, October 03, 2008

Hope Is

Raging and blazing anger are the emotions I feel. the devil tricked me. There was always more, but he covered my eyes.

Liar!....... Liar, Liar, Liar!!! How DARE YOU! You Sicken Me!

You Poison me with your suggestions and confounded thoughts. HOW DARE YOU! Do you hate me this much as to endanger my life? HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU!

Trusting revelation, I walked along the directed path. The path became coarse and I was drained inwardly. I saw you and you tempted me to indulge myself with your fruit. I resisted at first, then my thirst gave way and I succumbed to your enticements, tantalizing my senses. You said it would make life easier, I stopped journeying. I took. Then in my moment of sweet intoxication, you forged a chain around my hands and feet, restricting my walking and rising. You advantaged me. I could not move.

I became fearful. I lamented my distress. You stood there laughing maliciously. "Alas, I've hindered him, pulled him down into the dust! Just look at him" you said, "Like something less than human" You offered another quench thinking I was stupid to accept your help again. It was your help that caused me pains and sorrows.

I thought to myself - Isn't the life of man upon earth a warfare? and his days like the days of a hireling? Tears rolled down mixing with the dust. Why did I succumb, falling deep into distress. Inwardly if cried outward. Please Help Me! You whose path I first trusted. Pick me up, dust me off and truly quench my thirst!

Then I felt myself rising and positioned to stand. My clothes gently dusted and water touch my lips. "Behold, I make all things new. See? I give you living water restoring your life. Drink and never be thirsty again! I drank and was alleviated. He said "Ecce Homo. Go now, stray no more, bear up yourself and follow the path towards the golden gate. I ardently long to be with you. Come and continue through."

I turned to my distractor - You Liar! You Fibber! This is what you wanted not for me - To be alive and totally free. To know myself and my inheritance; and him who loves me. To reach the end where justice and tranquility be. You covered my eyes and tied my limbs, Oh what trouble you chained me in. To taste your fruit is to taste slavery. Never Again will I listen to thee. Look, the one who made me, helps me. He can't wait to be free with me. Right here is not all all, there, over there, there is still more. Till now, I am not at my last end. There is hope. All was not lost. This is not my last end. I will journey through.

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