Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Quiet Ones

Why is it always the good and quiet ones which are the worst ones out there? And why is that statement almost always true? (for me at least). Doesn't anyone realize that people who smile the most have the most problems? Why is it always the nicest people who turn deadly?

Compare that reality to the reality of a serial killer. He's just going there taking people's lives out of hate for people and the world. Sometimes showing no emotion what so ever. Very heartlessly! What would cause some people to reach that point of insanity?

Obviously, their needs for love and appreciation was not met. Or is it that they were abused? Or used too many times by too many people? Or had a negative self image about themselves created because of hearing people's degradatory comments and opinions made about them, marrying what they know as their own imperfections, therefore confirming their negative self image as true. Can it also be that they couldn't fend for themselves, had problems saying no, neglected their welfare for the welfare of others? Is it that they lost all hope that change for themselves, people or the world was possible?

These quiet people would have in some way tired to help themselves to deal with their situation, but after many failed attempts, they just couldn't cope with it anymore in a reasonable manner. They would fall from grace and then now feel the need to vent violently, drink excessively, do drugs, have rampant sex, curse habitually etcetera.

All the good which they would have held highly of and practiced would have been overpowered by their need for freedom from these their problems. There need for love and appreciation would drive them all into madness. As the Joker said - "Madness is like gravity. All it needs is a little push"

Every human being has his/her limit. Please, remember this and show love and appreciation in every way possible to ease their own pains and turmoil in life.

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