Monday, June 05, 2006

'Behold The Man'

When I saw this picture, I was ashamed and uncomfortable. How could people portray jesus in such a rude manner! The first time I saw this picture was on a vocations retreat in point fortin, from a video on the theology of the body lectured by christopher west. when I watched this video, I started to see this picture in a different light. not through the light of this sex crazy world but in the light of the person of christ, more specifically, his masculinity.

This picture is exactly what is needed to reawaken that lost sense of manhood, correct that false definition of man and his role, and see jesus and the unblemished model of man. these days people say all sorts of things about jesus, they even paint him as a woman, but this picture is truly beautiful and true! Have you ever wondered why god created both man and woman and not just man? or why did god had to become a man rather than a woman to redeem us?

This video by christopher west answers all of these questions, and offers us something to think about. it is particularly what i like to call a man's movie, and i highly recommend it.

What touched me deeply is how much we are truly in the image and likeness of our god! i just love my manhood and myself because of the love jesus has shown us. It also affect a deep love for the virgin mary and her work in the redemptive plan of god for mankind. for those of us that are insecure and uncertain in their masculinity as myself, I again recommend this video. It helped me and i know it would help you.

I now see jesus to be my model for a man and masculinity. I say that John Paul II truly understood the meaning of this theology of the body, and what st. Augustine would call, 'the Whole Christ' or the scriptures where it is written 'Behold the Man'

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