Thursday, June 22, 2006

consecration to mary

For the past few weeks I have joyfully been praising and living in the sacred hearts of jesus and mary. I have been witnessing to the love and compassion which is to be found in these two hearts, especially in the immaculate heart of mary our mother. how you say? by totally consecrating myself, offering my life, joys, suffering and my own will for the accomplishing of our mother's will for our lives- namely, to mould us, to be perfect and worthy in the sight of god.

It is an indescribeable feeling of motherly love which is to be experienced in this heart of mary. Knowing that it was Jesus who gave us his own mother, who he placed all his trust and hope and love in on earth, that he himself would give us this same mother to be our mother. For who knows the Heart of Jesus better than the Heart of Mary. As scripture says "she pondered all these things in her heart."

I choose to follow mary more deeply, only to more perfectly follow christ! She who exclaimed "I am the handmaid of the lord, be it done unto me according to thy word" will surely form me to exclaim that same profession of faith in god our father. Mary our mother' every thought is bent on pleasing god! she then being the most perfect of all creatures and queen of heaven wants to accomplish the work of god, jesus her son in our lives and in the world. This is why jesus, in his final moments of life on earth, in the climax of his suffering, vouchsafe to give us his own mother to be mother of all peoples so that she can achieve and perfect in us to divine will of god. So that Mary our mother, Mother of the Church, May teach and prune us. Mary is a mother in the FULLEST SENSE of the word!

So what have influenced me to such devotion and love of virgin mary? These books. I highly recommend them. Firstly, It was 'The Dolorous Passion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ', then 'To The Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons', and Finally, the book i am now reading together with the one i just stated, 'The Mystical City Of God' from the second to last book, I would like to quote something i find so profound that i think every christian, furthermore every catholic should know and praise god. For what a most Loving mother we have in heaven.

From to the priest our lady's Beloved son's. these are revelations to Fr. Stefano Gobbi from the Virgin mary -


"You are now having a time of quiet and i invite you to enter into the intimacy of my immaculate heart to see what an abyss of love and of sorrow it contains. my heart is the heart of a mother, a real living heart of a mother who is real and living for all her children.

All men redeemed by my son are also my children; they are my children in the fullest sense of the word. even those who are far away, even the sinners, even the atheists, even those who reject god,those who fight against him and hate him: they are all my children. And i am a mother to them. for many of them i am the only mother they have, the only person who is taking care of them, who truly loves them. and so my heart is continually consumed with sorrow and with a greater love for these children of mine. I want to help them, i want to save them because i am their mother. Because of this i suffer for them, I suffer for their sins, I suffer because they are so far from god, I suffer because they do wrong, I suffer because of all the harm they are doing to themselves.

but how to help them? how to save them? I have need of much preayer, i have need of much suffering. only though the prayer and the suffering of my other good and generous children, will i be able to save these children of mine. And so there is then the movement of my priests. it is desired by me to make reparation for the immense harm caused in souls by atheism, to restore in so many desecrated hearts the image of god, the merciful coutenance of my son jesus."

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