Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Da Vinci Code - False

In defence of the catholic church on the subject of the Da Vinci Code and its horrendous errors I offer this link

For those of you that won't read all, it just goes not to prove that this move is PURELY FICTION and Anti-Christian, Anti-Catholic. "These titles represent works of New Age speculation that run counter to established history, focus on alleged secret societies and conspiracy theories, attempt to reinterpret the Christian faith, and are imbued with radical feminist agendas. Historians and religious scholars do not take these works seriously."

Can you imagine that Dan Brown's Sources were accused of fraud and embezzlement. They were New Age Followers following new age spirituality! (Anti-Christ, Anti-Christian) I have never read nor seen the movie and i dont intend too for the sake of jesus's holiness. some lies which people believe are like that regarding the priory of sion. this was founded in 1956 in france and was named after the mountain which it was on "Col du Mont Sion". it had nothing to do with the crusades. His sources are well known to be fraudulent works. Dont you see that his words try to undermine the authenticity of the bible, the word of god? that is exactly the plan of the devil!

It is just so much non-sense that is worth nothing not knowing. fiction. In my eyes dan brown wants to make some money and in what better way than to feed "the public's taste for conspiracy and anti-catholic passions" and in what better way than to attack the catholic church who is always protrayed in the bias media as evil and unrealistic. If you only knew the good things that the media is purposely leaving out that the catholic church is doing and living. It is truly a great act of the devil.

Never the less no matter what the devil does, and how much people he would fool through this movie. "The gates of Hell Shall not prevail" against the Church (the bride of christ) that is historically recorded that Saint Peter the Apostle of Jesus Founded. And to no other church is god more present than in the Catholic Church. Everything else is a lie and dont you dare believe it! Do your research!

If people say the catholic church do so and so, find out if it is true from a catholic source and the reason for it.

the Source i use often is a catholic encyclopedia that is much older than nearly all the encyclopedias around copyright 1910. Its been around for a very long time.

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