Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another Experience With God

These days God really has been working behind the scenes to govern my life. Let me tell you how i know this. Firstly, things just happen to fit together! Example: Right now i am nearly out of Funds since the beginning of march. This is because of unwise spending, an early pay cheque and an unexpected expense (I got the opportunity to replace my glasses). So my funds are really low and it is now the 14th March and pay is later down in the month. my main concern is passage which is nearly $34 daily.

Guess what god did. He arranged it so that I would be spending approximately $15 daily! He made arrangements so that i can meet people who are kind hearted and generous. Every day in the evening after work, i sometimes get a lift down into the city (save $4) after that, i am getting a drop from the city to my home nearly every day for this week by my priest (save $5 everyday). I "Band my belly" (control appetite) with less and less effort now so that i dont buy $12 lunches everyday. These simple graces i am thankful for

On the spiritual side, my daily association with my priest who is "coaching me", god is putting order into my life. I am praying every single day now because of a grave issue in my family and now my family is praying even more!

Who says there is no god is a LIAR !!! In my individual, personal life. i am seeing god show his love and his goodness.

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