Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Lesson on the job

I found this site using stumbleupon toolbar. Is a site that allows you to discover the type of person you are and how you experience the holy. give it a try. Spiritual Survey.

Ok that's one thing. the other thing is that i finally addressed a problem which affected me greatly at my job - My Boss's Annoying Radio Station !! Put yourself in my position, 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week you listen to talk radio. Nothing constuctive is talked about, there is confusion everyday and quarrel non stop on the station. The presenters only show the negatives of society and the works of wrong-doers in religion. would this not affect you in anyway when you sit down to work and secondly when you are trying to pursue a peaceful, more perfect interior and exterior life? One dressed with love and compassion, Where you continually search to understand the will of god and purpose in life? It definitely will affect you!

Well i decided to mention it to my boss when yesterday i realized that it was becoming a burden to my conscience, peace of being me, and my confidence in my job duties. I also felt a little bit intimidated even feel afraid to tell your boss that something that they are doing is bothering you is a sign of intimidation. I felt like - "well she could have violated my space by asking me to solve what was bothering her when I enjoy something, why can I do the same?" when I had to wrestle in the night, thinking, how am i to tell my boss that so and so is happening when i am not used to arguments?

Well this is the lesson i learned today. Though you try to be respective of other person's preferences and seek to make others comfortable....1. ignoring a problem will not make it go away, and 2. Serving and Humbling yourself to authority figures doesnt mean that you become a door mat or deny yourself to the extent that it affects the good you want to achieve.

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