Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Rich Man

These days, because of the encouragement lent brings to do something good, I Try to read my scripture everyday followed by a meditation of that scripture. For a Time that didnt work because everytime i said that i was going to look for it online, i ended up doing something else. so this is what i did. I know that Presentation Ministries gave very good meditations on the readings for the day so i subscribed to their 'One Bread One Body' email day word. And Today's Reading really caught taught me a lesson. Scripture Reading

I Remember my priest, Fr. Chambers saying that when Jesus gives a parable or a story like the prodigal son, Hidden in the story is Jesus himself or some aspect of Jesus. So when i read this passage, i tried to find Jesus in the story. God our father was Abraham, I found Jesus and he was lazarus, the one who was looked down upon, and we are the rich man who cared little for the lord and are indifferent, irresponsible and selfish. Then I realized how it is quite justified that the unrepentant sinner be happy here while he lives. While his heart remains corrupt. I believe that It is an act of justice on god's part that he is not suffering.

this is the reason - I would like to think that because he is made in god's image and because he is going to lose his soul and experience endless torments because of his errors and self love, that god lets him enjoy himself to the fullest here. After all it is only fair for someone to be happy.

This passage also taught me another lesson about the world we live in. When animals ( dogs, cats etc), our pets, show more sympathy and love for neighbour than another human being for a human being, some thing is totally wrong. and if you look at the world today people give animals almost equivalent rights as humans, when we deny basic human rights to people. This thought disturbs me!

Secondly, There are many people who say "Well if you believe in god, do so and so and then we will believe." I now understand when God said it is a faithless and evil generation that ask for a sign. Cause if they couldn't believe that god created the universe, or in the miracles that jesus performed or the proofs that god exist that people term 'coincidences' then it is pointless to ask god for a miracle when they already decided beforehand against god to not believe.

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