Friday, March 16, 2007

Wisdom Sharing

Today was designated by the Archdiocese of Port of Spain as the day for Prayer, Fasting and Alms giving. and i must confess that i have not done this to any significant degree. What i have done was used my work as my prayer.

Instead of complaining, i offered this thing that i didn't want to do for god's own sake. This is the way to holiness according to the famous writer of the book "The Joy of Full Surrender" by Rev. Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade. He says :-

In Truth, Holiness consist of one single thing: faithfulness to the will of God. Now this faithfulness is within the reach of all, whether it calls for active or passive practice of our faith.

Active faithfulness means fulfilling the duties which are ours by the general laws of god and of the church, or by our particular state of life. Passive faithfulness consists in the loving acceptance of all that God sends us each moment........ Learn what you seem to do not know: In the realm of nature, the god of all goodness has made those things easy which are universal and necessary - breathing, eating, and sleeping. No less essential in the supernatural realm are love and faithfulness............The passive aspect of faithfulness is easier still, since it only consists of accepting what most frequently cannot be avoided, and in bearing with love, consolation and sweetness, what we too often endure with weariness and irritation......All they have to do is to fulfill the simple dutiesof a Christian and of their state of life, and bear with submission the crosses involved, and to accept with faith and love the work and suffering which unsought come endlessly to them through God's own providential designs. This is the spirit by which the Patriarchs and Prophets were moved and sanctified.....

Moving on. Besides all of that,

Today I Finally decided to spend the time and figure out how it is to place that

banner on my blog. For anyone else who is looking for the format to place it on their blog, here is an easy way. click on my banner, save it on your pc, then do like if you are going to write another post for your blog, click 'insert picture', when it is inserted into your blog posting area, view it in 'edit html'(you are not going into your template as yet). when that is done copy and paste it into your template in the place where you want your picture to be. I dont know anything about HTML but i used my common sense to figure out stuff. so if youre getting trouble, use yours.

Salus Credentium.

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