Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Aspirancy Programme

My week of uncertainty is finally coming to a close. This past week i have been anxious about the situation at my job because my boss was getting annoyed when my incapabilities was showing itself. And I would understand why because if i was her, I probably would too.

This weekend gone as well, I finally started this new programme called the Aspirancy programme that was geared towards a deeper discernment of the call to the priesthood. It is structured to be something like a seminary life experience but the difference is that it would last three months and we would continue to live how we live now, with regards to our jobs and commitments. Wasn't particularly excited when the directors said that the group of us were to begin a mission in the village of Guayaguayare (Amerindian Name).

I was thinking to myself- I am not in a position or state of mind and body to do this. I am going through a little crisis of my own and i am being called to a mission. again. now?- That was the last thing on my mind but I suspected that the programme would have had a mission intertwined.

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