Monday, April 02, 2007

Lord, Transform me into yourself

When you say - " lord, Transform me into yourself" be prepared to be in a very uncomfortable position. A place where you do not enjoy, and must challenge yourself to OBEY his instructions and trust in his providence.

I am on the brink of ruin in my own eyes. And this saddens me deeply and I wonder seriously for the second time in my life whether I should continue to live the life of the Gospel and Seek holiness. The work involved in saving my soul and by passing purgatory is tedious. And when faced with the sight of my weaknesses, lackings, failings in life and all of my faults and imperfections, the whole thing looks overwhelming, and holiness, unattainable. But i cannot accept this because i know Wisdom teaches the contrary. That holiness in attainable and god uses our weaknesses as our strengths. Yet I am a burden to myself. What hurts me too is that others confirm these frailties in me by their jokes, gestures and harsh words.

My God, how much of myself I must give to you to be holy! How much this act of love hurts me! To be totally submissive to you and your teachings! That I must Deny myself, pick up my cross and follow you, for my own salvation sake. Seeing the ugliness and the fractures of my body and soul, makes me deeply sad and want to despair. Yet I will trust in your mercy, and hope against hope.

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