Monday, June 25, 2007

Thank You Father For Relief

O How good is the lord towards me. I hid my face from him saying I will no longer look upon his face to see his love and beauty, to even find happiness, and it was he who took me into his hands, pursued me till my love for him was found again. "I thought I had toiled in vain, and for nothing, uselessly, spent my strength. Yet my reward is with the LORD, my recompense was with my God." I grew tired of carrying my sins and imperfections so enormous; he saw my distress and he came to my help. He was with me as I seeked to save my soul from damnation. I was Justified as being righteous and blameless in the sight of god through the Sacraments of the Church. I have received my living water which quenches my thirst!

I must give thanks to god for today, yesterday and Saturday. During these days, I was shown Mercy confirming that truly I cannot leave the love of God even if I try. Life is Better and more meaningful with him.

While feeling down because of my distress, I made the effort again to look to god for a remedy. Feeling embarassed at myself, I trusted god's generosity of mercy and presented my failings to him. On friday wanting to make peace with god I arranged to do some charity work on Saturday. This was me yielding to god, giving God the opportunity to speak to me as I do his work through our soup Kitchen ministry. 12 good deeds/blessings came as a result of my decision to serve in love. To god be the glory.

I received food for my journey plagued with the heat of the sun and a barren desert. My feet are scorched but god provided a time of soothing relief. He lead me beside the still waters and restored my soul. I can at last continue patiently and perseveringly bear my cross.

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