Thursday, July 05, 2007

Love or Lust?

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When you see your honey, it's Puppy Love

Is It Love or Lust? Brought to you by Tickle

I took this test and My result was "Puppy Love". I was kind of concerned about my relationship with a good good friend of mine, but we were not in any relationship outside that of friendship, but we're very close. So I was kind of concerned that though I love this person, I may really be trying to lie to myself and say it was love alone and not lust. I wanted to know which side was leaning heavier in me. And what the results were true. This is what it read -

Don't look now, but you just might be in love. It's hard to tell for sure — you've got an awful lot of lustful thoughts whirling around in your brain — but we think hearts and poems are part of the agenda, too. Sure, you're pretty much ready to jump your honey any time of day or night, but you wouldn't bother sticking around if you didn't think there was some kind of potential there.

You want it all — passion, excitement, tenderness, and a best friend to boot. We applaud you. There's nothing better than the perfect mix of lust and love. The former jumpstarts a relationship and helps keep it fresh and fun, and the latter means there's something left after the "right here, right now" phase passes. So get your kicks while you can, but hold on for the long run!

In life you can make your own decisions or let other people make those decisions for you. Being Above The Influence is about staying true to yourself, and not letting people pressure you into being less than you. So be yourself. Or be something less. It's your call.

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