Thursday, July 26, 2007

Opposing Forces

How do you keep your Sanity when you what to do something wrong? How when you've reached the egde of right into wrong, health into sickness, you safeguard yourself from something you know will hurt your spirit and chip away at your determination and desire for holiness? Why is that what is not good for us in the long run, appeals to us the most. Why does sin have to feel SOOO good?

The book of Wisdom in the bible tells me that perverse thoughts separate people from god. The saints tell us that lust brings down the soul quicker than the other six deadly sins. And the Virgin Mary at Fatima Portugal tells us that most people go to hell for sins of the flesh than any other sin. Is it this knowledge, trusting in faith and hope and love, that makes me what to resist my temptations also?

What a strain it is for me to keep holding on to these two opposing forces in me. It is beginning to rip me apart to the reaches of madness in my mind. I am afraid of giving myself over to one of these extremes entirely for the fear of not having an opportunity to escape. I have never given myself over entirely to anyone or anything in my life because of Trust, yet, these two forces want me to give myself over to their promptings. To God's way of peace and righteousness, caring for each other in love, or Evil's way of destruction and selfishness. Caring only for self and living without morality and faith like wild animals.

I have chosen informally the way I want to take. But, saying no to self is very very hard. I can't yet give myself over to him who loves me most. BECAUSE of fear. In time, love will prevail. I hope in it. If a man lives, but lives without love, he is dead. I am not dead. His divine love in me will conquer my weaknesses and have me for himself.

May His Holy Spirit Live Forever In The Hearts Of Men.

It is he who makes us keep our sanity when we feel insane. He works so quietly!?

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