Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Discussion

My day started off badly as a result of an argument I had yesterday. For yet another time I got into an argument concerning religion. The topics, Hell and the Saints. What got me so upset? - I fumbled when answering the questions. I could explain myself. First discussion was about the Saints. I believe in the Saints. That is unquestionable. But to explain that to a Protestant, who believes in the Bible Alone philosophy and not both Scripture and Teachings from the Holy Spirit (Tradition), is difficult. To top that off I don't know my scripture word for word, verse for verse.

Her defense was the usual with protestants - Go to god and god alone, When people are dead you can't pray to/ask them for help even if they are in heaven, Because Jesus in the only mediator you go to him etc.

They don't understand that nothing separates us from the love of God, not even death. That we are one family of god and when you love, you show love by doing good for others. Their prayer is more effective than our own because of their intermacy. They no longer need to believe because they see face to face the glory of god. Now when I am sick, I call a doctor. It is god who sends the doctor as he sends angels to do his works. Can I not ask the doctor for help? Should I humiliate him by saying you cannot help me though god sent you?

God works through others. No less so when in Heaven. Their prayer is more effective and more powerful than our own because their relationship!

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