Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Calling

I was thinking, "What will capture the heart of a woman?" and immediately I said "Poetry!"

What is there that's better than poetry, to express in words the love for another person? I mean, so much can be said with so little. The symbols of language is really something. Then I said to myself, "What is better than that to express love of god?" I have heard of the high recommendations of people who have studied the insights of Saint John of the Cross on God's Love for the soul, and all his works in the soul in his book, 'The Ascent to Mount Carmel' and 'The Dark Night of the Soul' where he uses poetry to explain this love.

Isn't there a whole book in the bible where god speaks to us in poetry? And in it his beloved is a woman? Oh my, my heart just pulsates when I think of the figurative meaning of words when one speak though poetry! Whoever has that talent is truly blessed. He can shape basic language into exquisite sculptures. So great a marvel is poetry that when sung, it is further glorified and reaches the soul. Though it is sufficient enough to reach that place alone.

Well I have a piece of poetry that I would share that was truly inspired by my love for god, and god's love for me.

The Calling

In stillness, I sit among wonders of creation,

On a bank so moist with tropical grasses

Savoring the one who is closest to me.

I look to the sky and wonder at thy beauty,

Contemplating twas the same hand that shaped me.

I close my eyes and look within, my soul's beloved I want to pin
I am restless with love in the darkness I see.
Why doest thou love do this to me?

This silence of words so sweet it be

A shadow of substance, overpowering me.
I open my eyes only veiled thing I see,

What must it be, to be totally free!

I am the beloved of my beloved

Then I hear a whisper of yearning

"It is you I want, be with me"

I am now dead to the earth and sky

My answer takes alot from me.

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